JUST 4 KIDZ CONSIGNMENT – Spring Sale 2023 – March 8-18

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Shopper FAQs

What is Just 4 Kidz Consignments, LLC?

Just 4 Kidz (J4K) is the Columbus, Georgia area’s largest, oldest and most distinguished consignment event. We sell birth through adult clothing, gear, furniture, household items, toys, etc… J4K is a one-stop shopping experience for every one in your household. We hold 2 sales a year. Our spring sale is late February/early March and we offer spring and summer merchandise. Our fall sale is usually in September each year and we offer fall and winter merchandise.

What is the Consignor and Volunteer Pre Sale?

Our private Pre-Sale is a day when our consignors and volunteers have a chance to shop before the public. Want to join us during Pre-Sale? Just consign at least 25 items or sign up to volunteer at least 1 (4) hour shift. That’s it! It’s a lot of fun!

What is a Hero Pre Sale?

Our Hero Pre Sale allows the following people and/or their spouses to shop before the public.  This is J4K’s way of saying thank you to the hero’s in our community.
First responders (police, EMT and firefighters)
Military, active duty and retired
All School Employees
All medical personnel

What is an Early Bird Presale?

Early Bird Presale is new at J4K!  This is an opportunity for people to shop BEFORE the public.  This is a great choice for anyone that wants to beat the crowds, miss the lines and get to shop all the things before the public.  For just 10.00 you can shop BEFORE opening day.  Children under the age of 18 shop with their VIP for free!

Is admission charged to enter the event and shop?

Our public shopping days are always free and admission is never charged.  For anyone who would like to shop before the public it costs just 10.00.  You can purchase your Early Bird Shopping Pass from our home page.

Can I bring my children with me to shop?

Children are allowed and encouraged for all shopping days EXCEPT during the Consignor and Volunteer Presale. For the Consignor and Volunteer Presale no one under the age of 10 is allowed.

Are strollers allowed?

Yes, strollers are allowed. We may stop you at the door to put a stroller tag on it so we know its yours!

How do I carry my items while shopping?

We recommend that you bring a large IKEA type bag, a laundry basket (pulled by rope if you like), a wagon, etc… to carry your things while you shop. They will also be helpful for you to carry your things to your car.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash, Visa and Master Card. We do not accept personal checks, American Express or Discover.

Spring 2023 Dates


Monday, March 6 5:00-9:00
* Consignor and Volunteer Opening Day Presale

Tuesday, March 7
* VIP Presale: $10.00 admission, shop before the public 5:00-9:00
* Hero Presale: free admission. All school employees, first responders, medical professionals and active duty/retired military 6:00-9:00

Wednesday, March 8 10:00-7:00
* Opening Day

Thursday, March 9 10:00-7:00

Friday, March 10 10:00-7:00

Saturday, March 11 10:00-7:00

Sunday, March 12 1:00-6:00
* Reload Day, new merchandise arriving throughout the day

Monday, March 13 10:00-7:00

Tuesday, March 14 10:00-7:00

Wednesday, March 15 10:00-7:00
* 25% Off “Discount Yes”

Thursday, March 16 10:00-4:00
* 25% Off “Discount Yes”

Thursday, March 16 5:00-8:00
* Consignor and Volunteer 50% Off Presale

Friday, March 17 10:00-7:00
* 50% Off “Discount Yes”

Saturday, March 18 9:00-4:00
* Closing Day
50% Off “Discount Yes”